May 2013 Pictures – Full Size

These pictures are from our May Meeting.  They will be up for a month or two!

Click on a picture to see the full size version.

SandraDSCF1282 SandraDSCF1279 SandraDSCF1278 SandraDSCF1277 SandraDSCF1260 SandraDSCF1256 SandraDSCF1245 SandraDSCF1235 SandraDSCF1234 SandraDSCF1231 SandraDSCF1227 SandraDSCF1226 SandraDSCF1225 NaomaTimp and Orem 4768 NaomaTimp and junk 4785 NaomaPots 4896 NaomaPeople 4887 NaomaPaddle boats on Funk Lake 4739 NaomaMRI Naoma4726 NaomaKitchen plants4775 NaomaKalanchoe 4777 NaomaHolding earrings 4824 NaomaH B Bottles 4812 NaomaGrandpa's Silo 4798 NaomaGifts  4883 NaomaFunk Lake4733 Naomafroggie 4878 NaomaFlowers in containers4830 Naomaflower fun 4793 NaomaBird Containers 4831 BradDSCF7959 BradDSCF7917 BradDSCF7911 BradDSCF7905 BradDSCF7865 BradDSCF7814 BradDSCF7812 BradDSCF7746 BradDSCF7726a Alansm Alanscan 150sm Alanscan 149sm Alanscan 145  3D sm AlanIMG_1118 18-19sm AlanDSCF4217sm AlanDSCF4216sm AlanDSCF4214sm AlanDSCF4206sm AlanDSCF4197sm AlanDSCF4192sm AlanDSCF4169sm

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